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Boost Juice is a cheeky, fun and forward thinking brand. We created a game to engage with Boost Juice’s core audience that was outside the brand’s retail space and existing digital and social platforms.

The brief

Boost Juice wanted to create a new way to engage with their core audience. Our task was to create a game that embodied the Boost Juice brand and as a result, engage and delight the brand’s consumers, generate brand noise and help drive foot traffic to retail stores.

The result

As a brand Boost Juice prides itself on the customer experience it offers in-store. We brought this experience to life on a new platform.

Combining addictive gameplay and a time sensitive voucher reward system, Free the Fruit rose to the top position in the Games category on the Australian iTunes App Store within the first week of release. Six weeks after launch, the game hit 300,000 downloads with a rating of 4.5 stars. For a game restricted to local distribution this represents outstanding player engagement.

With traditional ATL media you capture the consumer’s attention for 30 seconds. Over the course of the eight week campaign, Free the Fruit’s total game play exceeded 55 million minutes, with an average session time of 15 minutes.

As a result of the success of the Australian release, Free the Fruit is currently being deployed to Boost Juice markets in the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Singapore.

Project marketing

As a new marketing initiative that was different to the brand’s usual campaigns, Boost Juice knew different marketing methods would need to be employed. The marketing strategy aimed to encourage downloads and repeat plays, and drive users into store using vouchers to make purchases.

To achieve this, Boost Juice firstly created in-store POS on both digital screens and posters, advertising their customers’ chances to play and win. On average Boost Juice stores have an annual footfall of 23 million, and this approach proved to be a great way to get current customers interested in the game. To further engage with current customers, Boost Juice handed out collectable Free the Fruit cards with every purchase, containing bonus codes that could be redeemed in app for gameplay bonuses and power-ups.

Once customers were on board, the time-sensitive voucher system at the heart of the game served to drive continuous engagement, resulting in more than 2 million game plays within the first two weeks, with an astounding average session length.

Further to this being a brand noise campaign, word of mouth would also contribute to the success of the game. This is why during the development phases of the game it was important to Boost Juice that the app was both simple and highly addictive, and would encourage users to share their experience and wins.

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