We employ design-led processes leveraging our core capabilities in learning experience, game design, art and engineering, to deliver technology-driven programs that solve real human problems.

Play-based learning

We create quality digital learning experiences for children, using a play-based approach to inspire learning through fun and active engagement.

Our approach to learning and game design relies on understanding that human learning, and engagement, is profoundly multisensory. Our multimodal approach draws on language, visuals, audio, gesture, emotion and touch, to help engage children in joyous, playful learning experiences.

Millipede is determined to create rich, interactive, child-led experiences. We understand that playful learning may include a purposeful and goal-oriented approach, or opportunities for freely exploring, building and creating within an open-ended context.

At all times, we view children as active participants who construct meaning from play, and never as passive replicators.

Awareness and behavioural change

At Millipede, play is at the core of everything we do. We use play as a vehicle for immersing players in a message, to raise awareness and promote positive behavioural change.

We develop chart-topping games with measurable, meaningful outcomes and hundreds of millions of downloads. We work with corporates to inspire responsible behaviours, with NGOs to ease anxiety in young adults, and with governments to encourage attitudinal shifts away from ingrained social stereotypes.

We deliver exceptionally crafted, impactful game designs to invoke positive responses and behaviours that our players can carry through life.

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