We craft world-class games for our clients.

Be it to raise awareness, sell a product, reward loyalty or simply to entertain, our games are fun, incredibly polished and boast engagement levels unobtainable with traditional media.

We measure our session times in millennia – we have more game plays than there are humans on Earth.

We love to make people laugh and keep coming back for more. Because when we’re not creating games, we’re playing them.


Regardless of age and ability, socio-demographic and privilege, culture and nationality – every single person deserves quality and accessible educational content.

We work with not-for-profits tackling mental health and family violence. We innovate with government to create resources for early childhood in ways that have never been done before. We work with private enterprise to teach safe behaviours through play. We help make the complicated understood and the boring, fun.

We believe the best way to learn is by doing.


Play is at the core of everything we do. We apply our game mechanics and game design thinking to make tasks more enjoyable and engaging. We create learning material that employees want to use, not because they have to.

Our clients have seen participation levels triple, resulting accreditation scores at record highs, and far greater levels of information retention. We can work with your existing materials or create new learning content, collaborate with your learning & development teams, and wrangle your IT departments to integrate with your systems.

Our goal is to keep your employees happy and engaged. Just because it’s work, or compliance, or compulsory, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

Learning design

Our approach to learning design starts and ends with the learner. We start by finding out who they are, what they need to learn, and most importantly in a digital context, what else is going on around them.

Whether we’re helping hospital staff to quickly brush up on knowledge between shifts, or children to practise speaking a new language in a noisy classroom, our learning design practice puts the user first. We know that digital learning can be a self-paced, focused process; a social learning experience; or part of a blended approach.

Our user-centric design approach means that, rather than fitting the learning experience to the tools we have, we look for the benefits of digital tools and how we can use them to suit the learner and the learning requirements. If we can see a great learning opportunity that has a digital solution, we enjoy the challenge of designing and building something new to suit the requirement.


Technical excellence is a given. We’re detail oriented obsessives with a passion for finding the smartest, most efficient methods for implementing our solutions. If the right tools don't exist, we create them.

Our in-house TK-421 animation engine outputs high performance animations into OpenGL and HTML5, and powers many of our biggest games and successes.

Our multi-peer solution Group Presence delivers seamless multiplayer experiences without the need for a network connection, delivering optimal results for classrooms, corporates and restricted deployment environments.

We offer native development across all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows and web. Our full stack engineering capability ensures our applications are backed by enterprise level service architecture. Additionally, we are experts in Xamarin, Unity and Adobe AIR platform development.


Using the mobile platform to bring imagination to life, our animators are storytellers at heart. We create believable worlds and invite our audiences to dream, laugh and play with our characters.

We strive for distinction in every step of the creative process. Driven by a genuine enthusiasm for craft and a desire to entertain, our animators push the boundaries of character performance. No effort is spared, from subtle facial animation through to larger-than-life samba dances.

Millipede offers animation in a broad range of styles to perfectly compliment any brief. Working side by side with our developers and audio designers, we turn ideas into reality.

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