The Crunchers are coming

Number Crunchers is a world of adventure, creatures and numbers.

Number Crunchers is as approachable as a ‘match three’ and as intriguing as Sudoku. Coupled to the beauty of a fairytale and the collectable charm of Pokemon, we’re hard at work on a title with widespread appeal.

Brought to life within a world of beautifully realised illustrative art, players explore a variety of environments inhabited by Number Crunchers - cute, colourful and fantastically ravenous consumers of all things numeric.

The basic idea is very simple: players swipe number chains of certain values to feed the corresponding creatures in the game world. When full, a Number Cruncher is tamed and joins the player’s collection, however…

Hiding in the shadows are thieves and monsters – these nefarious creatures steal from Number Crunchers, and sometimes enjoy a meal of Number Crunchers themselves!

Players must strategise; do they feed the hungry vulnerable fauna, or ward off any present danger first? Do they risk the Number Cruncher fleeing or being devoured? Do they target a rare Number Cruncher or tame common ones to clear a level quickly?


Number Crunchers is a collaboration between Millipede and The Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV). Together, MAV and Millipede have identified a need for quality, modern mathematics resources that effectively engage and encourage active participation in maths-based activities, while reinforcing mathematics knowledge and skills in a non-threatening game-based approach.

The global COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated that parents have a real need for a range of learning resources that can augment and support a school-based curriculum at home. Teachers will benefit from such resources that extend learning in appropriate ways from classroom based learning, and avoiding for example students doing worksheets as homework. Currently, local digital content linked to the curriculum is often tied to school enrolment with a parent or ‘home-access’ version and therefore not easily publicly accessible. Generally these apps employ ‘skill and drill’ practice in traditional, non-engaging ways that do not sustain longevity of use by students. We see a significant opportunity to disrupt the market with a new approach to experiencing mathematics for children and adults alike.

Number Crunchers is the first independent title from the MAV/Millipede partnership created to develop quality learning resources that are spawned from the Australian Mathematics Curriculum, localised and launched to the world stage as delightful, narrative-driven games.

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